2020 Guide To US Collapse in 7 Easy Steps

Step 1: Hire ~100 thugs to disrupt polling locations in key states. A few thugs are apprehended, but there is no clarity as to who hired them, motivation, etc.

Step 2: Ensure that the footage of these thugs is widely disseminated, through a partisan major media network. The other networks follow suit, but there will be no clarity about the nature or purpose of the thugs.

Step 3: Trump and friends use this thuggery as an excuse to declare the election invalid or otherwise in dispute. They take it to the Supreme Court.

Step 4: After whatever period — days, weeks, months, years — the Supreme Court either declares the election valid in favor of keeping Trump in office. Hotly disputed, it’s a 5–4 partisan vote, with Bush v. Gore cited as a key precedent by the majority.

Step 5: California, New York, and a few other states jointly declare that they will withhold payments to the Federal government in protest over the clearly partisan nature of the Supreme Court ruling.

Step 6: Trump orders US Troops to occupy State government buildings until payments are restored. Tensions run high. Nobody knows who fired the first shot.

Step 7: Well, shit. The theme song for the next decade is a loop of Putin endlessly laughing.

Writer for WeSIA.com, an Internet Think Tank.

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