‘Ware, ‘ware the dangers

Watch and be always vigilant

Stare and think and avoid surprise

The false dichotomy

The with us or against us

The binary star that tears us apart

‘Ware, ‘ware

The lie

The model for understanding today’s events is not an authoritarian with a plan, it’s an increasingly desperate house of cards falling apart.

There is no ideology, beyond a casual racism. It’s the Faustian deal with the South made by the Democrats after the civil war, running through LBJ, finally collapsing…

The Internet is in trouble. Big trouble. Some of the problems include…

  • Nation states dealing with foreign agents
  • Personal privacy
  • Balancing the positive aspects of anonymous participation with the potential violence (e.g. swatting, doxing, etc.)

This is a cultural problem, a public safety problem, and, frankly, a big problem for…

Alex Kamu

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