Is Russia Really That Dumb?

Alex Kamu
2 min readNov 14, 2018


Photo by Alex Perez on Unsplash

CNN is reporting that the Russian military jammed GPS signals during a NATO training exercise.

That’s… really weird.

The idea that the opposition would take out satellites and other information technologies is pretty much a given in modern warfare. It’s why the Chinese blew up ASAT, generating a ton of very hazardous junk. The Chinese are trying to show that they can be very dangerous, and it was worth it to them to do that.

Blocking GPS?

That’s basically just doing the training exercise a favor — every officer in NATO can now tell the kids again not to depend on the fancy tech too much, again — without actually doing anything but (maybe) annoy a bunch of civilians.

Because every damn story comes back to Trump nowadays, if it weren’t for Trump and Putin’s… uhh… relationship… things would be even weirder.

I really don’t get the Russian endgame at this point. A nation of professional trolling, with the vague notion that it’s going to somehow result in a positive result?

The single most important geopolitical transition of the next few decades is to get off of petroleum products. Most people don’t realize that the US is still the largest single producer of oil… and the list after that gets into a bunch of awkward US/NATO allies at best. Once the tipping point starts to hit for that…?

What’s a troll going to do?